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Massage from the Grand President




  • Brig. Gen. MoentiE.Young

On January 27 – 29, 2012, a convention of the Liberia Grand Commandery was convened in the Diocese of Gbarnga, Gbarnga city, BongCounty. It was the last convention of that grand commandery and it give birth to three (3) new grand commanderies among which is the Monrovia Grand. This dissolution of the Liberia Grand came as a result of an earlier request made to the Supreme Commandery to divide Liberia into three (3) Grand Commanderies. The convention was concluded with the concelebration of the Holy Eucharist by His Lordship, Bishop Anthony fallah Bowarh.

Chartered officers were elected at a convention held in the port city of Buchanan, GrandBassaCounty, from October 13 – 16, 2011. Proceeding of the convention were took place at the St. Peter Claver Parish, Archdiocese of Monrovia. Inauguration of the MGC which is made up of twelve (12) local commanderies took place at a festive ceremony on June 23, 2012, during activities marking the celebration of the feast of our Patron Saint, St. John the Baptist. Those elected and installed were:




1. Brig. Gen. Moenti E.Young

Grand President

2. Lt. Col. Michael V. Suah

Grand 1st Vice President

3. Capt. StephenC.Snoh

Grand 2nd Vice President

4. Col. Daryl Ambrose Nma

Grand Recording Secretary

5. Lt. Kerkula Bettee

Grand Financial Secretary

6. Sir Knight Luke Garlo

Grand Treasurer

7. Capt. JamesDoe Sorbor

Grand Judge Advocate

8. Capt. AlbertB.Johnson

Grand Trustees

9. Sir Knight John B. Zogar, Sr
10. Sir Knight J. Sackor Moore
11. Sir Knight Nathaniel B.Toe
12. Sir Knight Joseph Flomo
13. Capt. T Booker Regland

Grand Sergeant –At- Arms

14. Lt. Col. LewisR.Kaidjuway

Grand Messenger

15. Sir Knight AnthonyBettee

Grand Guard

Since the installation and inauguration of this commandery, several executive board, expanded Grand Board and Joint Grand Board Meetings have been held to put the newly established Grand on its footing. We must at this time express our sincere thanks to the Grand Officers for their cooperation during the period under consideration.

While we to an extend appreciate the level of cooperation, we want to urge all Grand Officers that the success of this commandery and its planned activities will only be achieved if we mount our concerted efforts. The work and functions attached to each of the offices we occupy must be effectively carried out if we must meet our target goals. It is ardent desire and prayer that we will exert ourselves a little more during this fraternal year.


For the fraternal year, the MGC recorded a total membership of four hundred seventy-eight (478) out of which four hundred seventy-five (475) were taxable by the supreme. One hundred sixty-two (162) members are uniformed. The overall membership is expected to surge by Ten percent (10%) during the next reporting period from first degree initiation planned and carried out by St.Michael # 578, St.PiusX th # 519, All Saints # 451 and St. Christopher # 449. Thirty-two (32) candidates from the three commanderies were initiated at the St. Pius X th commandery.


Sacred Heart Commandery # 366 suspended, expelled and readmitted a number of brothers. Suspended brothers: Bro. Abraham A. Ajavon, Bro. Rhodoxon Fayiah. Expelled brothers: Bro. Joseph S. Sonpon and Bro. Alex Washington. Readmitted brothers: Bro. George K. Williams and Bro. Walter Togba.



Since the inception of this Grand Commandery, it has embarked on several activities including the following:


  • Visitation was carried out at the various local commanderies for the purpose of identifying and acquainting ourselves with the problems being faced, and to introduce the new officers of the Grand Commandery. Commanderies visited included Our Lady Star of the Sea Commandery # 525, St. Mulumba Commandery # 607, St. Charles Lwanga commandery # 661, Pius X th Commandery # 519, St. Michael commandery # 578, among others. During the visitation, it was discovered that some of the commanderies are not conducting ritual meetings. Most meetings were in informal manners; and some of those that conducted ritual meetings were not fully au courant with the process.



  • Following the inauguration of the MGC, it sought permission from the Supreme for the chronological formation of the two (2) Districts within its jurisdiction. The permission was granted and the Districts were structured as districts I & II.
  • District I is made up of the following commanderies: Sacred Heart 366, Holy Innocents 526, St. Joseph 442, St. Mulumba 607, Christ the King 475, St. Charles Lwanga 661, and Our Lady Star of the Sea 525, while district II is composed of St. Michael 578, St. Christopher 449, All Saints 451, St. Peter Claver 473 and St. Pius X th # 519 commanderies.
  • On December 1st 2013, a convention of district one was held in Kakata, Margibi County, at the St. Christopher Parish. Delegates, alternates and observers from the seven (7) Commanderies were in full attendance. New corps of officers was elected. District II is expected to hold its convention in early January 2013.


  • In fulfillment of its desire to induct members into the degrees, the MGC in 1st December 2012, exemplified eighty-three (83) brother knights into the 2nd & 3rd degrees. Monsignor Gabriel Blamo Jugbwe, Parish priest of Pius X th Parish together with Reverend Fathers Boniface Flokia and Joseph Baidoo concelebrated the Holy Eucharist during the exemplification of the degrees. Candidates were sourced from the Twelve (12) commanderies making up the Grand commandery. The exemplification was preceded by series of workshops and retreats organized by the committee chaired by the grand first Vice President, 1stLt. MichaelSuah.

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